Labradorite is believed by mystics to be a stone of transformation and magic. It is said to provide clarity into one’s destiny and mental illumination as well as to reduce stress. It is also believed to aid the eyes, brain and digestion, and promote an efficient metabolism.

Noted to be a good protective stone, agate is believed to be calming and soothing. It is also reported to provide courage and dispel fears, stimulate intellect and creativity, encourage harmony and heal resentments. Agate is considered a stone of good fortune and health and is said to aid issues of the teeth and gums, bruises and sprains.

The detoxifying or anti-intoxication stone brings in love and peace to help heal and fight stress. It aids with visualization and breaking addiction by giving you strength.

Stone of self discovery and faith. It promotes truth, courage, and communication. It allows you to sort out information and analyze situations while protecting you from negative energy.

Jade is known as the stone of the heart and is said to have a positive effect on all heart related issues. These include love, fidelity and emotional balance, as well as the physical heart. In Chinese tradition, jade symbolises the five virtues of humanity: wisdom, compassion, justice, modesty and courage. Jade is also said to heal problems of the lungs, kidneys and immune system.
(as also the chakras vibrate with stones of their same color is higly recomended to put their color stone when they are weak)

Turquoise is known as a master healer stone for its believed power to speed the healing process. It is also said to promote love and connectedness with family and others, as well as to protect against pollution. Physically, turquoise is believed to aid the throat, lungs and the brain.

Sea of Tranquility by Russ Bishop

beginning of winter (by guen-k)